Cutting Room Floor – Spanking


He had to know I was awake, yet he kept up the slow circles. My hands clenched around his my breathing sped up. With a growl, he stopped his teasing. The fingers withdrew and he pushed my pants down, keeping my hands above my head. His thumb traced the tattoo on my low back, my tramp stamp, wings. Then he laid the flat of his hand along my ass.

I tensed. Ohh, he wouldn’t.

But he would.

His hand slapped my butt cheek hard. I jerked, struggling in his grasp, but he laughed. “Elizabeth.”

“Marin, no.”

“Yes, this is for leaving me,” He said then spanked me again, harder, his hands slipping between my legs after to rub, eliciting a groan. His groan echoed mine. I belatedly realized he was naked behind me. I remained dressed except for my bottom being bare after he pushed down my pants to right above my knees.

He flexed back and I braced myself as he spanked me lighter this time. I jerked again and moaned. His fingers resumed their teasing rub. He ground his pelvis into mine from behind, the tip of his shaft sliding between my thighs.

He started to mumble. “Mine, Elizabeth. You forgot that didn’t you.” Over and over, he slapped my ass then he gripped my hips hard, pulling me onto my knees, and pressing my chest down.

My hands were free, but I kept them above my head, gripping the sheets.

He knelt behind me. He spanked me one last time and pushed into me at the same time. I tensed at the invasion. He moaned.

“Do that again,” he said. “Squeeze, just like that. Lands do I like that.” I whimpered and he smoothed his hand along my waist. “What about you? Did you miss me?”

I didn’t reply too busy feeling.

His hand stroked up, rubbing my sweet spot. His pinch there nearly had me bucking him off. “Yes,” he said and started to pump into me. The slap of his flesh against mine filled the room. He fell onto his hands and knees behind me. My fingers twisted in the covers.

“Scream out,” Marin ordered. “I want them to hear as I take you.” I turned my head at that. This cruel streak was new. Tears filled my eyes even as I groaned to feel him in me again.

“No,” I panted.

“So stubborn,” he sighed and stopped. Both hands held my hips motionless, I tried to move. To push the rhythm, but he kept me from moving. “No. Scream I said. Nobody is coming until I hear you shout.” I tensed on him purposefully this time.

His breath rushed out. Another spank. “No, no, you want this, you want me? Then scream,” he demanded.

“Marin,” I shouted out, well more a growl, but enough for both of us.

“I am going to let that one count. The next one will have to be better.” My glare over my shoulder made him laugh. He rocked into me, leaning down to claim my lips, one hand slipping between my legs, rubbing and pinching until I screamed into his mouth. His own shout muffled. He emptied himself inside of me. I went to push him off, but he held on, his shaft pulsing. “No more pulling away, Elizabeth. You are mine. This is mine. Your children will be mine.”

He went boneless on top of me, keeping me pinned underneath him.

“Marin,” I groaned.

“Elizabeth.” He intoned. His lips nuzzled my neck. His hands kneaded up and onto my shoulders. He kissed his mark, emphasizing his place in my life. His right hand moved over the mating bands.

I twisted and his eyes met mine and hooded slightly. He nipped my lower lip. Our breaths mingled. God, I loved that. I loved him even now.

He smiled, a smug, self-satisfied male smile, land knows why.

The knock on the door forced my head down and a furious scramble for covers. Marin smirked and answered the door, not even bothering to dress.

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