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The story behind the story: I have wanted to be a part of a Writing Wenches Anthology for over a year, so I jumped on board. I said yes and worried about how later. I started to think about how people view love and how some people seem to believe there is only one way to love. Their way. Minds seem to close when their ideals are challenged, so I asked myself; what if they saw the love before their brain could shut down? With this thought in mind and of course armed with the theme of friends to lovers I began to pen my story. Once I got started I became so excited about it; I wrote the draft in one sitting.

 Beyond the Friend Zone. COMING OUT TOMORROW!!!  Amazon

Blurb: When sexy player Brett realizes he’s fallen head over heels for his next door neighbor and long-time friend Abby, he tries to run away. Running is what he does best. For reasons unbeknown to anyone, he refuses to get close to anyone or make a long term commitment. Abby knows he’s acting strangely and is determined to find out what he’s hiding and why he’s moving away.

But Brett is good at keeping secrets; he’s kept this one for years. He is all set to pack up and leave when Abby is injured and needs help to recover. Brett has to make the decision to either stand by Abby’s side and reveal his secret or run away to the safety of a new city and leave all thoughts of Abby behind.


Author Bio: Hi there, my name is Suzie Jay and I am a writer of Romance and Chick Lit novels. I live in Australia with my husband, six children, and half a zoo of pets.

I have a teaching background (please don’t hold that against me.) but needed to escape.

I am a massive foodie and used to own my own business baking and decorating cupcakes and birthday cakes (How can that even be considered a job right?). Most of my books mention food, recipes, cooking, eating and some even include recipes. I just can’t help myself.

I am also a reality TV junkie and a movie buff. I know, I know, it’s a side effect from working with teenagers for the last 10 years. I love to read Chick Lit (romantic comedies), biographies, true stories, suspense, crime and a little bit of romance.

I love to chat and have thought provoking conversations about love and life but also like a good laugh. I have a sick sense of humor, I can be rude and crude but I’m also the queen of dad jokes.


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