A mother’s brilliance

I realized the brilliance of my mother today.
When I was little, my mother had this annoying habits (to me at least) In the mornings, my mother would lightly and then with more depth and repetition repeat my name to get me up for school. A little bit of setting, we lived in a two story red-brick house with all those little nooks and crannies kids liked exploring. Because of said spaces, It could be hard to hear.
I remember clearly my mom saying, “Colleen.”
I would mumble and burrow under the covers.
Again, my mom would say, “Colleen.” and again, and again.
Until at long last, I would stand on my bed and scream. “I am awake!” Guaranteeing that one, I was up, and two I was iucid enough to be grumpy.
I do the exact same thing to get Aidan up every morning now.
Miss you mom! Wish I could give you a hug and high five.
#momproblems #itworks

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