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Little Things Blog Hop Use Me

HI Everyone

Just a little bit over a week left for sign ups for my blog hop. Currently we have over 50 blogs signed up and over 100 authors participating with prizes! I want to make this thing huge!

The blog hop is a great way to stimulate traffic to your blog and books.

Simply set up a post telling everyone a little bit about the little things that make life better, whatever you want to post about, on the start day of the blog hop with the provided picture (Deb Carroll will be sending out the information) the link list to all the authors participating, and a copy of the link to the rafflecopter for the whole blog hop.

Then promote the heck out of it over the next 1-2 weeks. The tweet to include on Twitter will be ‪#‎littlethings‬.

We also recommend everyone have a small prize for their individual blogs. I am going to do a second gift card on my blog that people can get entered for if they comment on my post and sign up for my newsletter. That is along with a 50$ rafflecopter for the whole blog hop that they get for signing up for my social media accounts (if you want to add to the rafflecopter (and thus have your SM accounts on the rafflecopter.

This is for authors, publishers, photographers, anyone with something they want to express or publicize. The more participants the better for everyone!

Come join the fun!


Link for sign up below.

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