My Favorite Summer Vacation Spot

Remember those old family vacations?  Full of pitfall and travails, the kind where anything can go wrong and usually does.  I think those are the best kind of vacations.  Think Wally world without the supermodels.


When I was little, my parents always insisted on a week camping.  This was despite the fact that my mother detested camping.  Let me repeat for emphasis, detested camping.  Mainly, because my father assumed that the family would go on leisurely walks to come back to camp, form a roaring fire, and have grilled wonders of meat.  The reality tended to be far from that.  My brother always got poison sumac. My sisters pretty much would not walk and I liked to wander.  It was a mess.  Upon returning, my mother would have smoked a pack of cigarettes and as of yet not made a fire.  The food when we made it would be inedible and cold in unusual places. Yet despite that, it was exactly what my father wanted.  Time aware from activities and games and anything to distract us from time together.  Grown up now, I miss those days camping in the middle of nowhere, plotting with my brothers and sisters to scare my parents.  I wish I could go back there again, and hopefully one day, I can take my son with me.  After he stops being deathly afraid of spiders, bugs, cold, dark, well, the outdoors as a whole.

Where would you like to go? Comment below.


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  1. We should go back to Moraine State park or do you remember going to Shawnee State PArk? It is about an hour from my house!! Lots of fun, I only remember going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Dark dreary and scary!! Made you want to hold it all night!

  2. Isn’t it funny the things and places we remember? Hope you get back there with your son.

  3. Colleen, you don’t paint a very pretty picture of camping. There’re reasons I don’t camp. I insist on climate controlled environments. A hot tub and cable TV’s my idea of camping. And actual bathrooms.

  4. Camping is always a nice thing to do with the family.

  5. My dad was really into camping and I have fond memories of a big camping trip out west and up into Canada. Great hikes, cookouts and the like.

  6. I have great memories of family camping trips all out west and up into Canada. Long hikes, great campfires.

  7. Camping is definitely its own experience. Most people either love it or hate it, and it sounds like you love it.

  8. We camped some too, but it was the opposite. Mom knew all the good stuff. Dad was the city slicker, Ha!

  9. I camped a few times when I was in my twenties coz I went to something called “Pennsic Wars” (think Cosplay before there was a Cosplay and a farmer’s field before there were huge Cons). I’m afraid I share your mother’s opinion of it! But I’m glad I went, and I’ll always remember it. Thanks for sharing your favorite place with us, and I hope you get to take your son camping someday soon!

  10. My mother detested camping too, only we didn’t go. Reading your post, I am guessing that the memories are actually more fun than the reality.

  11. I remember! I loved camping. We stopped doing it after a while but I had fun. Can’t wait to take Aidan.

  12. Thanks Marilyn!

  13. Ha! Probably not, my sister is telling me my memory is a bit warped from reality, but it was one of the best things I remember about childhood. Bathrooms now are a must!

  14. My sisters are all telling me that as well. We stopped going around when I was twelve but I loved my time there. Where do you like to go Rhonda? Love the pictures you have on your site.

  15. Thanks Lexa. I am sure it would be a different story today, but I loved it. Hoping to take him soon and love your spot!

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