Why you need to work through the No’s.

When I decided to start writing last year, it truly didn’t occur to me how much work was involved in the writing process.  Naive, I know. The first step was easy, I wrote the book.  The next steps were much harder and much less interesting. That was when I had to edit, and slave, and memorize the Chicago Manual of Style. Then after toiling for weeks, I sent it to a few CP’s and beta readers, and then I started the editing and formatting again, and again, and again, until the words started to blur before my eyes.

Then it was ready, or so I thought. After months of work, I mailed off my first query, and promptly got my first rejection. Ouch.  And then another, and then another. Writing became much less fun, and surprisingly, much more interesting.

Writing became work, something to perfect, and practice, and research, and polish. So I did. And still, there were no’s.

And I wondered, as all writers do, do I truly want to do this?  Why do I need to work through the Noes.

And the simple answer was every no made me better. It made me work harder, analyze my words, and dig deeper to truly express exactly what story I wanted to tell and how to tell it. And I loved it. My story expanded and grew and blossomed, and then I got my first yes!

One of the keys to success in any career is perseverance.  Work is just that, work, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Good Luck!



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