OMG!!!!   It’s here, it’s here!

I love NanoWrimo and for me it is kind of an Anniversary .  This time last year I said, “I am going to write that novel I have been dreaming about for years.”  And I did! I  recently finished editing that book “MUST REMEMBER”  which I am proud to announced finaled in THREE separate RWA contests.  Romancing the Lakes, Pages from the Heart and the Maggies! I got honorable mention which is not bad for my first time out!  So excited. Just finished drafting its follow up as well. “CAN’T FORGET” and am in the process of querying.  Tangent aside, that is not what I will be writing about this Nano. I am taking a whole new tack and trying a true contemporary romance.

Today’s work and my focus for this month though is called Whole Again.  The short bio for it is below:

John and Vicki

Sometimes love is about timing.
John Lawrence loved Vicki Masterson his entire life. Long before he became a Marine and she a socialite. But they were from two different worlds.
Disabled in combat, John struggles to build a new career while dealing with a prosthetic leg and family issues. Meanwhile, Vicki recovers from divorce, along with her own paralyzing self-doubt.
Enter “Growing Strong” Vicki’s grandmother’s landscaping business and a new start for both of them. Can they overcome the past, to build a future together? Or will old insecurities and a stalker-ex keep them from their happily ever after?

Having been a veteran myself and in medicine, I saw soldiers struggling with their own identity and sense of self after devastating injuries and it touched my heart. Just because something happens to your physical body, does not mean that it broke you as a person, nor that you are not sexy, and I am hoping to show that.

This is a story of first love with a wounded hero and ingeune finding each other. I hope to have it out soon for everyone to enjoy.

I am also exceeding lucky in that I am on a Savvy Authors/Entangled Smackdown team in writing my novel so will have editorial help throughout the process! Can’t wait to start.  Which why am I not starting again…  No wait. I am.

Good luck everyone!


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