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Casey Clipper
#1 Amazon Best-Selling Author of Silent Love (The Love Series)
Coming November 25 Unexpected Love (The Love Series)
Tell me a little about you:
My name is Casey Clipper and I live just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I’m a known sports fanatic and chocolate lover (though my husband will tell you it’s more of an addiction). Like you, I’m an avid romance reader and love to lose myself in a good book. I’m a contemporary romance author and a member of the Romance Writers of America, Contemporary Romance Writers, TRRW, the Authors Guild, Pennwriters, IAN, and ASMSG.
Where are you at in your career?
In July 2014, I released my 7th contemporary romance novel, Silent Love (The Love Series), which debuted as a #1 Amazon Best-Seller and has remained on the best-sellers lists. On November 25, 2014, I will be releasing Unexpected Love, the next installment in The Love Series. I am part of the indie romance publishing movement and am thoroughly enjoying the process. I’m now at the point where my objective is to release a novel quarterly, but frankly, I always end up behind my own deadlines. (Stupid distracting You-Tube cat videos.)
What do you write and why?
I write contemporary romance, sometimes with an edge, because it’s what I can relate to best. My characters are always in their late twenties and/or thirties because I like the thought of the hero and heroine having gone through many life altering obstacles already, which adds to their character. No, I don’t write about billionaires because I love to write about relatable characters. Yes, as romance readers we love to imagine the billionaire sweep us off our feet (hello, wouldn’t it be nice to helicopter everywhere? Western PA construction bites, and not in a good way), but I find readers love to read about everyday characters as well. Lawyer, doctor, nurse, secretary, real estate agent, nanny, etc. Good guys mowing the lawn, fixing the car, or even going grocery shopping.
What are you working on right now?
Like I mentioned, I’m getting ready to release Unexpected Love (The Love Series) on November 25, 2014. This is book 2 of The Love Series. I’m in the process of working on book 3 of the series, even while answering these questions. (Man, I’m easily distracted, or just make any excuse to avoid writing the next chapter.) This is a planned 4 book series, each novel around 45k words. This is not a cliffhanger series or one of those novels that has been broken up and sold in 4 different pieces. So each book can actually be read as a standalone and the reader won’t be lost. There is a potential 5th book or more that could come of the series, but it all depends on how I’m feeling it after book 4 is finished. (Have you seen the Friskies’ Dear Kitten commercials?)
What compels me to write?
Writing first started for me as an escape from daily life and grind. I spent hours in front of my laptop writing to avoid…well, life. I guess I was one of those clichéd tortured writer souls. (Man, that’s depressing. I need some chocolate.) But after I released my first novel and then after the second and third, readers started contacting me regarding their favorite characters. Was I going to write a story on this one, or what happens to this one, or is there going to be another book in this series? My writing then turned from my reality escape into wanting to tell readers about these characters that they fall in love with, expand on their stories, and put out a book that entertains and tugs at those readers. The entire process has turned into turning the ideas that pop into my head into an entertaining, enjoyable read. Of course, now my soul gets tortured when I can’t write my way out of a scene/chapter/paragraph.
What is your writing process?
I am a pantser. I’ve tried to outline, but all I end up with are pieces of random paper scattered around my house and tons of post-it notes I never refer back to. It’s a horrible process that I’m not willing to change. Right now, I’m in middle of a workshop that essentially teaches an author about outlining and creating a bio on characters and so on. It’s pure torture for me as I try to improve my process. I love to sit in the corner of the sofa, with the television on mute, type away and try not to get distracted by nearly naked male models on Facebook. Yeah, I fail at that one. (Look up model Shawn Dawson and you’ll see and agree where I’m coming from.)
I also love the learning process of writing. I’m a big believer in workshops and am constantly taking courses to educate myself on the craft, business, and research part of the industry. In today’s saturated romance market, it’s important for me to stay in-tune with every aspect of writing. So workshops galore it is.
Who are your favorite authors?
Lexi Blake, Lexi Blake, Lexi Blake, oh and Lexi Blake.
Seriously, I buy everything Lexi puts out. She is my go-to, reread author. She’s a noted BDSM romance author and her Masters and Mercenaries series is fantastic. But more than anything, she is the nicest lady. I met her this year at RWA nationals, where we both participated in the Indie signing. I approached her before the doors opened to let her know how much I loved her novels. (I swear to you, I am convinced there is a real Ian Taggart somewhere in Dallas and I want him.) She couldn’t have been sweeter and even entertained me for a bit by talking to me about my work, her work, and gave me advice on release dates and much more. (Of course, after I fan-girled all over her, I walked away without snagging a signed book. Nice, right? *shakes and hangs head*)
I absolutely love Tiffany Reisz’s The Original Sinner’s Series. Olivia Cunning is a terrific rock star romance author. Madeline Sheehan’s MC series is so deliciously bad it’s terrific. Jennifer Probst is another favorite one-click author.
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