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I’m IT! Thanks Chad Lanier. (http://justwritenow.net/2014/07/10/writing-process-blog-hop/) This is the first blog hop I have been a part of and I admit, I squealed a little when I saw. And this one is a goodie, asking about the writing process. So let’s begin.

Question 1: What am I working on?
Right now I am participating in #CampNanoWriMo and I have two WIPs that I am bouncing back and forth between.

The first is Whole Again. It is a contemporary romance based in a suburb of Pittsburgh.

It’s all about perspective.
Growing up in a small town sucks. Everyone knows everyone else and loves to get all up in their business. John Lawrence couldn’t stand it and runs away as soon as he can to join the military. He finds his niche in the Rangers. Until the day he loses his leg. Forced into retirement, he comes home to take care of his mother and rebuild his life.

Growing up in a small town rocks. Everyone knows everyone else and helps one another out. Vicki Masterson adores her home town and her life in it as Mrs. David Watters. Up until the day she comes home to find him screwing the maid. The subsequent divorce shatters her world, divides her family and shows her who her real friends are. And that it is time to start over.

Enter ‘Growing Strong’. Vicki’s grandmothers landscaping business and a new start for both of them. If they can get over themselves, the past, the stalker ex, and their own insecurities and build a life together.

The second is Free Fall. It is a New Adult Fantasy.

Farrah’s childhood wasn’t too bad. Until the day the tenders came and kidnapped her and her sister. They were sacrifices for the Collector, a corrupt mage who lived off the powers of others. But Farrah always thought she didn’t have any powers. None that were useful anyways. Then the Collector killed her sister and they all learned how wrong that was.

For Farrah wasn’t just mage and Theran. She also carried the power of the Rocians and that power was strong. And she would need it to survive as the Collector hunted her to finish what he started long ago.


Question 2: How is my work different from others in its genre?
I think readers are savvier now than they were in the past. Which is good. But it also makes the ideas, the plotting, and the sheer process of writing that much more problematic. People don’t want clichés anymore. They want the exciting and the unique and I love to give them that. As I’m new in my career, I’m also working out what genre resonates the most with me and exploring my options. It’s all about the writing. And as the byline says: thoughtful, sexy, fun.


Question 3: Why do I write what I do?
I love reading and for me it all about imagination and fantasy. I love making things up and laughing as I force my characters to figure them out.


Question 4: How does my writing process work?
Ha. My writing usually starts with a daydream. Some idea will come out of nowhere and I find myself thinking about it for a bit. I try to picture it in my head and work out the inciting event, the stakes and the interactions. Sometimes, I add music. Especially if it is a tense scene or something full of action, any kind of action.
If I can do that, then I write it down. Just a little, a few thousand words to see how the flow is, how much I like it. Then I decide, hey I might do this. Scrivener is my preferred writing platform. I load up the story there and make an outline of the chapters, make my character profiles. Start some pov’s to get the juices flowing and a more intimate idea of what the characters are like and then I write. And write some more. I can write quickly and usually if the story is rolling get to 50,000 words in a few weeks. But then the editing comes in. I hate editing so I usually let this sit for a few weeks then when I’ve psyched myself up enough, I will read the story beginning to end to reacquaint myself with it and start again.


Thanks for reading and Sasha (@EarthRelic) and Tami (@tamilundauthor). TAG! You’re it.


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