Do we need diverse books?

There was a big push on Twitter the other day, talking about this very subject.  Given the time of day, I didn’t get much time to explore all the posts and I regret that now.  I find the topic fascinating yet at the same time the answer seems so obvious to me.

Of course we need diversity in books! We need diversity in life and to be exposed to it in life we must experience it in some way.  It surprised me when people argued against this!  Yes, there is still need for contemporary romance but why not discuss the topics that we normally don’t. There is nothing wrong with pushing the envelope so to speak but some seem afraid of that. As long as there isn’t a push to destroy what people would not consider diverse and is accepting of everything that is. There can only be a gain in information and understanding.  I hope to see more Diversity in books. Even if i am as whitebread as they come. I hope I can write books that help expand minds.

But am I in the minority?  How do you as a reader feel?  Is it necessary to have diversity in books? To  talk about topics that haven’t been talked or written about in great detail in the past.  Traditionally, publishing has stuck to the certain standards of books and only now have we seen people testing those boundaries not just in advertising, publishing and writing but in all aspects of our culture.

What do you think?


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