I am addicted to Twitter contests.

I have fallen into the black hole that is Twitter.

I admit it. I find myself a Twitter-holic.  At all hours, I will skim the feed looking for open conversations to join. Add my two cents then agonize. What if it came out wrong or if I missed part of the conversation and what I said made no sense. Up until three months ago, I never bothered with Twitter but now I   just    cant      stop      tweeting. It’s brutal.

But also wildly entertaining and my new flavor of choice on twitter?

The twitter contests!

Ow vay. I want to enter them all. I do.  Currently, I just entered #pitchslam and I am gearing up for Query Kombat and hopefully, pitchwars/pitchmadness in the future.

Yet why do I love them so? Because of the feedback.  In writing, most of what we do is subjective. We are telling a story, we live, we breathe it.  But sometimes we need perspective to make sure that what we are writing is what the reader is hearing.  We need eyes and the contests are a nice way of getting that.  I never enter to win. I enter to get as much out of the information the slush directors, the editors, the agents and the kind people running the show can give me.

We, as writers, need to realize that people will be reading our work and we will need to be able to  give and take criticism if we want to excel. These contests are my way of embracing feedback now before I query.  They give me time to tighten up my words.

Thank you so much Twitter for this opportunity! Bring it on!

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