Editing, it is your friend. Truly.

Today I just received my first copyedit and developmental edit.

I expected it to be harsh and was relatively surprised that on the whole it was pretty nice.  A few of my scenes need to be clarified a little bit for developmental purposes. My dialogue for NA can sometimes be a bit too sophisticated. I use the word into, wayyyyy too much.  Plus, I need to describe the differences more than the commonalities of the two worlds I am describing.

Overall though the editor liked it!  That is such an indescribable feeling…

Too often in the writing world, I feel others look for what is wrong.  They tell you what isn’t working and rarely will comment on what is working. In the writing profession, the author is literally opening themselves up to criticism from everyone and must be able to process and address this accordingly.  At that same time, is always nice to get that crumb once in a while that you should continue to pursue this avenue.

Now onto editing!  I hate editing and love it at the same time, necessary but painful.  Writing is just words with really good editing. =P back to the grind.

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