Getting started.

So, I am sitting here thinking about what I can say that might be interesting.  Nothing comes to mind. I feel like Patrick Star from Spongebob as he tries to come up with an original thought, drool slipping from the corner of his mouth.

Then I realize I don’t have to be interesting! Right now, I am just starting out and I am pretty sure no one else is reading this.  I can be secure in my anonymity and just ramble. Nice…

It has been about a week since I started my blog and every day, I learn a little more about writing.

When I started in November, I thought, this won’t be too hard, I read a ton so I know what I like to read. It is the curse that every new writer seems to fall into. After you read a particularly good book, you sit back and start fantasizing. Imagining how it could be different, inserting yourself or some of your favorite characters into different scenarios just like the one depicted.  Maybe, you start thinking, hey I could do this.  Euphoria fills you and you start to desperately type words on the page.  Maybe, it is 3 am for you, like it was for me.  You type until you are bleary eyed, and then reluctantly drag your ass to bed.

The next day, dread fills you and you read what you wrote.  If you hold the paper really far from your face, it doesn’t seem that bad.  As it inches closer, you realize it is just that bad.  Awful.  Dreadful. Trite.  I cringe to even say that. My first draft was horrible, but I like to think it has one thing that agents harp about.  It has voice. Everything I have ever read states to keep on trying.

I hearten myself as I recall Hemingway’s words -The first draft of everything is shit.

I kept pen to paper and wrote more. Then I wrote even more!  This time from another characters view point. Then another.  The more I did this, the more I felt connected to this world I was dreaming about.  Eventually, I finished a whole book. 66,000 words by the end of Nano.  I felt vindicated.  I got that winner’s certificate and glowed…

So what next, after writing that first/second draft, what do you do? Do you immediately start selling the work?  Spamming the internet with advertisements and pleas for support. Some do that, but Yikes.  Not for me. I feel exposed just writing a blog. Can you imagine?  If you are like me you…buy a book!

I read up about what was required of a writer.  Now a days, it seems that the writer is expected to sell themselves as well as sell their image and their words.  So, I joined a class. An online class. That shows me how to make those first 5 pages sparkle and also one about how to use Social media.

Thus how my twitter/facebook/blog came to be.  Not that I didn’t dip my toes into the realm of social media prior to this.  I am only **, I had accounts but I never really used them except to look at pictures. To surreptiously spy of old school friends.  You know. the normal stuff.  Now though.  It was serious. I have to sell myself. How the heck does one do that?  I am still in the process of finding that out.

While on my journey, I was lucky enough to have gotten the support of a wonderful support group, Critique group to help me better my writing. It is always good to have lots of eyes look at your work because you know exactly what you are trying to say but that might not be what the reader is seeing. I also joined some writing groups in my area and connected with some new friends.  Life is good right now and hopefully soon I can announce good news regarding an agent!  After this, I will post the first paragraph of a WIP for hopefully an online journal.


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